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Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Vita Abundantior!

3/6/09 09:10 pm - thekiwi - Dr. Ivy is Retiring!

From e-mail circles and the Alumni Assoc. events page:

Farewell Reception for Dr. Randolph Ivy

Ribble Lounge
Smith Memorial Building

Please come to the farewell reception for
Dr. Randolph Ivy, director
Randolph College Abroad: The World in Britain

Sunday, March 22, 2009
6:30 p.m.

Paul Irwin, coordinator, and Bill Coulter, assistant coordinator, will join us as we toast Dr. Ivy's retirement and exciting plans for the future!

If you are unable to attend, but would like to share your thoughts or a fond memory, or a note to give Dr. Ivy, please mail, fax, or email the note to the Alumnae Office so it is received by March 20th. Letters, photographs, or anecdotes are all welcome. The fax number is 434-947-8282. Mail is 2500 Rivermont Ave.

Acceptances only by March 19 to 434-947-8102 or dspychala@randolphcollege.edu

9/20/08 03:52 pm - allinwonderland - The resolution did not pass!

We are still the RMWC Alumnae Association!!!!

7/29/08 02:51 pm - kaygigi - Big Dianne is ill! Please help if you can...

Hello everyone,

Please take a moment to read the below message from Theresa Carroll
regarding former RMWC security guard Dianne Branch, who is currently
being treated for non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma at the UVA hospital in
Charlottesville. If anyone is looking for a place to redirect their
usual RMWC donation, this would be a GREAT way to do so! Please
contact me offlist at dr_elb_99 at yahoo dot com for more

Elizabeth-Latta Brother
RMWC '91 

3/8/08 09:31 am - indigodaisy - Hope everybody had a good Spring Break!

Hey guys, I'm not sure how many people even look at this community anymore, but I just wanted to give you a heads up if you've got nothing to do tonight in Lynchburg. At the Starlight Cafe (apparently its on 5th street) the bands Pacific Before Tiger The Late Virginia Summers and Space Program are playing at 7pm tonight for free.

Its a bunch of cool ambient stuff and I personally endorse Andrew Weathers band cos he's an awesome guy from my hometown.

Anyway, if I was in town I'd totally be there so I wanted to pass on the info.

1/11/08 10:52 am - kaygigi

I just found out some horrible news:
Ashley (Brewer) Spencer, '01, died in a horrible car accident on Tuesday.

She was a Readingite and Skeller buff. More recently she was a social worker in Louisiana and mother of two - a toddler and an infant born just this November.

More info, like how to donate to a scholarship fund for her kids, her obituary, and a guestbook, can be found at: http://ashpeamama.chipin.com/ashley-spencers-family

I would like to use this space as somewhat of a memorial to her as well. My favorite memory of Ashley was her teaching me how to work in the Skeller. She taught me how to flip burgers, make tuna salad, program the cash register, etc. It was an honor and privilege working for her - she really was an awesome boss.

Please post your memories of Ashley in the comments.

-Kate '04

10/25/07 12:57 pm - nevarren - "department closings"...assholes

October 25, 2007

Dear College Community,

Last spring, as part of its on-going financial realignment, the
College announced that there would be staff and faculty
adjustments to position the College, relative to its enrollment,
more in line with other strong liberal arts colleges. Staff
reductions were implemented at the end of June after extensive
internal and comparative research. During the summer, the College
undertook a review of its academic programs and faculty positions
in light of its 8:1 student-faculty ratio. As part of this
process and in accordance with the Faculty Handbook, the Faculty
Representative Committee also reviewed each of the College's
academic areas.

In late July 2007, voluntary retirement options were offered to
faculty who met certain age and service thresholds. Six faculty
members, five of whom will retire at the end of 2007-08, chose
to accept the voluntary retirement option:

• Larry Bowden, Professor of Religion and Culture and former

• Pat DeMars, Reference Librarian (retired summer 2007)

• Jan Hullum, the William E. Thoresen and Catherine Ehrman
Thoresen '23 Professor of Sociology

• Pam Quaggiotto, Associate Professor of Anthropology

• Tom Stephens, the William E. Thoresen and Catherine Ehrman
Thoresen '23 Professor of Speech and Theatre

• Ivor Thomas, Professor of Religious Studies

These individuals are among the College's most senior academic
leaders, and we acknowledge and thank them for their service
and their important roles in the history of this institution.

This fall, the College began the hard task of identifying
additional faculty reductions guided by three principles:

• To eliminate departments with low current or projected
student participation, while giving appropriate attention
to preserving the College's broad liberal arts curriculum
with global emphasis.

• To increase the student/faculty ratio to more
sustainable levels over time by both increasing enrollment
and reducing the number of faculty, while giving
appropriate attention to the College's tenure process and
its future teaching strength.

• To help balance the College's revenues and expenses,
which are currently in deficit.

The College has made a careful effort to respect the overall
soundness of the liberal arts curriculum and to protect declared
majors. The Dean of the College's Office has scheduled individual
meetings with students impacted by the decisions. The College
believes it will be able to accommodate the needs of all
full-time students who have officially declared majors. In the
plan that follows, the student-faculty ratio is projected to
increase to 10:1 by fall 2009 based on the College's estimated
enrollment growth.

• At the end of 2007-08, the College plans to close the
German Studies, American Culture, and Anthropology
departments. The German Studies and American Culture
departments are among the College's smallest majors.
Anthropology does not offer an official major, although
students bringing coursework done elsewhere have been
allowed to fashion an independently designed major. We
will be studying the addition of gender studies and
culture courses to a reconfigured Sociology department.

• At the end of 2008-09, the College plans to close the
Russian Studies and Japanese departments. Russian Studies
is also among the College's smallest majors. Japanese,
which does not offer a major, and Chinese, which the
College also offers, compete for enrollment among students
wanting to take an Asian language. Given current
geopolitical realities, the College will move forward with
Chinese as its Asian language offering.

The American Culture Program will continue through the spring of
2009. This program is recognized as a powerful learning
experience for students and faculty alike, but cost and
recruitment have been persistent challenges. During the next two
years, the program will be carefully evaluated with a decision
made as to its future.

Students, faculty, and the educational experience are the heart
of this institution. We recognize that any reductions to
curricular components, directly or indirectly, affect the
experience as a whole, and that losses of faculty are
particularly hard.

The strength of this College's spirit and community has allowed
it to surmount a multitude of challenges throughout the
College's 116 year history. I came here, drawn especially by
that quality, and I hope it will provide the foundation for the
College's strong and successful future.


John E. Klein

10/24/07 12:36 am - allinwonderland - NYC Save the Bellows Wine, Dine, and Schmooze

If you have questions let me know...

10/15/07 03:49 pm - drchickon - Alumnae Association Board Elections

I haven't seen this posted here yet, so I thought I would post it. Current Students - I believe you are eligible to vote if you have completed one semester, though I cannot say with 100% certainty. If you are able, please pass this on to other students and alumnae that you know who may not have seen it. This is our one chance to hold on to the RMWC Alumnae Association.



Dear Members of the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Alumnae Association:

There has been a lot of confusion about how to vote in the election for the officers and directors of the Alumnae Association. This is the ballot for those of you who want:

● Full representation of Alumnae of R-MWC

● Transparency, openness

● Continuing R-MWC’s Traditions

● Inclusiveness and balance

 What you need to do in order to vote is:

  1.  Print out the ballot and cut on the dotted line
  2. Write or type your name, be sure to include your maiden name and class year 
  3.  Then:

  a) Either mail the paper ballot to:              

            Alumnae Office 

             Randolph-Macon Woman's College

             2500 Rivermont Avenue

             Lynchburg, VA  24503-1555

   b) copy the entire ballot from this email into another, fill in your name and class year and

        email it to ballot@randolphcollege.edu

   c) alternatively you may print the ballot, fill it out and fax it to (434) 947-8282.

Note that your envelope, email, or fax needs to be postmarked or dated


 Thank you for your support. The outpouring of encouragement we have received is heartwarming.

 Betsy Gordon McCrodden ‘66 emccrodden@bellsouth.net 

Muffie Moroney ‘65 mmoroney@hal-pc.org



I hereby cast my vote for the following candidates for Officers and Directors of the Alumnae Association:

Ballot :  Randolph-Macon Woman's College Alummae Association

                  Election of  Officers and Directors, October, 2007  

Association President  
Gail Ballou '64
1st Vice President      
Geri Long Cecil ‘68
2nd Vice President  
Sheri Hedge Carroll '91
Kate Coventry ‘99
Board of Trustees Representative  
Betsy Gordon McCrodden ‘66
Board of Trustees Representative  
Ann Cammack ‘85
Chair of Nominating   Logan R. Thornton '98
Member at Large – Communications  
Elizabeth Latta Brother '91
Member at Large – Young Alumnae  
Beth Zielinski ‘04
Member at Large – Career Development  
Melanie Kielb West ‘90
Director, District 1   
Monty Shepardson ‘89
Director, District 2  
Michelle Mazanec ‘85
Director, District 3   
Kathleen O’Malley Bunder ‘80
Director, District 4   
Kristin Callis Hodges ‘89
Director, District 5   
Claire Bledsoe Pratt ‘69
Director, District 6   
Christina Patterson Humphreys ‘91
Director, District 7   
Sarah Ellen Gordon '64
Director, District 8   
Keith Rogers Alford ‘65
Director, District 9    
Muffie Moroney ‘65
Director, District 10    
Amy Howell Mahoney ‘92


 NOTE :   Name and class are required for your  ballot to be valid

YOUR NAME:  (please print) :  _________  ___________  _____________

                                                                    First                 Maiden                    Last

Class year :      __________                                                                           


10/2/07 10:25 am - kaygigi - Death of the Maier...

October 1, 2007

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumnae, and Friends,

I write to inform you of an action of the Board of Trustees with respect to the College’s art collection. The Board of Trustees voted today to sell four paintings from the College’s collection at public auction in November. This decision was made after months of deliberation and exploring every option available to us, including shared partnership opportunities. We believe the decision made today, while painful, is in the best interest of the College.

The paintings to be sold are George Bellows’ Men of the Docks, Edward Hicks’ A Peaceable Kingdom, Ernest Hennings’ Through the Arroyo, and Rufino Tamayo’s Troubador. These four paintings were chosen to provide an infusion into the College’s endowment while limiting the impact on the coherence of the collection. These paintings were not purchased with funds drawn from the Louise Jordan Smith Trust, have no restrictions on sale, and in some cases were purchased by the College itself. The results of the auction will determine whether the College must revisit the sale or sharing of additional paintings in the coming year.

The Bellows, purchased by the College in 1920, has deep roots in our history. Its loss is the most difficult for many of us. However, as the most valuable piece in the College’s collection, its sale will allow the College to keep more of the collection intact.

Over the past few months, we have heard from many of you – some who are passionate about the College and about the art. We are, first and foremost, a college – a place that provides a first-rate liberal arts education, opportunity for growth, and a foundation for students to become informed and responsible global citizens. Our faculty, students, and our core educational experience are the heart and soul of this fine institution. Our art collection will continue to be part of that experience, and the Board is setting aside a portion of the proceeds to be used to endow the directorship at the Maier Museum.

The Board’s process has been informed by ideas and expertise from art professionals and many in our community. Almost a year ago, the Board formed a committee of alumnae in the art world who served as a sounding board and resource as the trustees grappled with the many issues surrounding the artwork. The administration also consulted with community members and with our art faculty and museum personnel. We sought ideas and concerns from these groups, knowing they represented the spectrum of opinion regarding the sale of artwork. Their engagement was extremely helpful in our process, even though some may not agree with the Board’s final decision.

The College has taken the warning from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools seriously. It has instituted a number of measures, including reducing staff and cutting expenses, and it has achieved a lower tuition discount with the current first year class. These cuts along with the funds realized through the sale of these paintings will allow us to make a substantial infusion into the endowment and reduce our endowment spending rate. Going forward, we will continue to be prudent and responsible with our resources.

This decision is made knowing that, as a Board of Trustees, we have the responsibility at all times to make the choices that we believe to be correct for this institution’s future. We must act now to address the College’s financial sustainability. The sale of art will permit the College to move forward and embrace its future on a more solid and healthy foundation.


Lucy Williams Hooper ’73


Board of Trustees
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